Airflix Drone Solutions review of the 3DR Solo crate from

Airflix Review of the 3DR Solo Rolling Crate from

Airflix has reviewed the 3DR Solo rolling crate from  The crate was not suitable for the 3DR Solo with gimbal and made an impression in the foam.  When I returned the 3DR Solo for a refund and returned the crate, the staff at said it had been damaged.  I believe the foam was not cut to suitably fit the 3DR Solo with the gimbal and Gopro attached.

They also would not offer a refund but only an exchange for the DJI Phantom 3 rolling crate and charged me shipping.  I had already paid for shipping for the 3DR crate and return shipping and had to pay another $AU150 to ship another crate to me.  I was going to offer to resell their product but will go with a better quality case such as the Goprofessional crates which also offer better customer service.

I would not recommend this case or this company to do business with, they are a small startup who have not mastered the skills of customer service and while the quality is good, the 3DR Solo foam for this case is not cut to fit the gimbal and Gopro.  If you want a professional, milspec case, Goprofessional is the best choice.






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