Airflix test flight comparison between the 3DR Solo vs the Phantom 3 Professional

Airflix short test flight comparison between the 3DR Solo and Phantom 3 Professional

Airflix recently filmed a short test flight comparison between the 3DR Solo and the Phantom 3 Professional.  We were so impressed with the features and marketing of the 3DR Solo that we pre-ordered the drone, gimbal, extra battery and a crate from  We got the drone in September and we didn’t get the gimbal for another month after 3DR failed to meet release dates.  We used the Gopro Hero4 Black edition 4k camera and had issues straight out of the box.

Even in open fields we had to wait 10 minutes or more to get enough GPS satellites to fly.  We also experienced unbalanced motors which produced a high pitched whine from one or two of the motors.  We also experienced the classic problems with the Gopro such as jello effect due to vibration of the drone and no auto exposure or the ability to control exposure thru the Solo app.  We also experienced issues with the legs being too short for the gimbal and Gopro combination and no extended legs available to buy to keep the Gopro lens from hitting the ground.

Comparison between the two cameras are night and day.  The DJI Phantom 3 Pro 4k camera in conjunction with the DJI Go app produced a high quality and consistent image compared to the Gopro which had no auto exposure control so the image quality changed as the attitude changed in relation to lighting conditions.  We found that there is a lot of work that needs to be done in post production to produce a finished product compared to the Phantom 3 Pro camera.

When we tested the cable cam function on the 3DR Solo we didn’t get a steady flight down the cable from point A to B.  The gimbal and Gopro camera weight seem to be too heavy to compensate for a steady image.  Generally we were not happy with the initial product and feel it was released too early and wasn’t ready for the market yet.  We needed a mature product and didn’t want to be beta testers for what will be a fantastic product in future generations.

We’ll definitely get another 3DR Solo when the app and hardware matures in the future.


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